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DeFreitas Nutrition aims to assist ingredient companies create and implement R&D strategies and processes that enhance innovation; to identify innovative ingredients and technologies; and to commercialize safe and efficacious products that increase sales

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DeFreitas Nutrition is a privately owned company committed to improving people's life and health by providing science-focused ingredient and technology expertise to dietary supplement, food and beverage companies.

DeFreitas Nutrition can help you grow your business by:


Be a respected, recognized and successful, science-based nutritional company


  • Search for win-win solutions
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passion and hard work
  • Scientific focused
  • Confidentiality


To improve people's life and health by providing science-based innovative products and services to the nutrition industry and consumers


DeFreitas Nutrition can help you with:

Product Innovation Strategy

Having a well-defined, clear research and development strategy is key to successful product commercialization
  • Translate market trends into products with real consumer benefits
  • Differentiate your products with strong marketing and regulatory claims
  • Develop intellectual property and block competitors
  • Ensure your products meet high quality standards
  • Increase speed to market by managing your innovation process
  • Maximize in-house resources and third-party solutions

How To Tell Your Brand Story

To The Trade:

DeFreitas Nutrition can be an extension of your technical, marketing and sales team
  • Amplify the impact of your sales team
  • Develop technical/marketing presentations
  • Write white papers and peer-reviewed publications
  • Present content at conferences and trade shows
  • Engage key influencers

To Consumers:

We can help design, develop and communicate the science you need to promote your product
  • Utilize social media strategies to raise awareness with consumers
  • Develop content for your website and/other communication tactics.
  • Engage key influencers and followers


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